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Community Outreach

Cornerstone Hearing in the Spotlight

Cornerstone Hearing Centers participates yearly in the 9 Health Fairs that surrounds our community. We also volunteer at church health fairs throughout the year as well as school outreach programs. This allows us to give back to the community that has been supportive of us over the years. We are also members of our local Rotary Club. 

Cornerstone Hearing is very proud to be active in the Colorado community and help as much as we can. Below are some of the activities and efforts that we participate in or have participated in. For more information you can contact us.

We participate as a vendor in the 9 healthfair every year, helping to inform and contribute to the community. This is a great time for us and the staff at Cornerstone Hearing. When it comes around be sure to come out and see us!


Haystack Help

We are also featured on Haystack helps, regularly. Which is a Colorado consumer referral service that helps to inform the public on local products, services and news. They are presented by channel 4 news from CBS. We are a Haystack registered company and we often have our very own Dr. Dagmar Borcic speaking on hearing aids, treatment and tinnitus segments.

Our Recent Haystack Segments

Coupons For The Troops

We recently came across this great cause for helping our overseas troops and their families with coupon collecting. We are a collection point to send these coupons our right now, if you are interested in donating you can see the full outline of this good cause on our coupons for the troops. This cause will help our troops and their families overseas to better afford living through coupons. If you have some coupons swing on by and we will mail them out.


Cornerstone Hearing will  be collecting any coupons you would like to drop off so we can send them to our troops. This is a great cause to support, as it helps our troops and their families with everyday living costs. Overseas living can be very expensive and can take a toll on our troops and their families. As a result we are collecting coupons and sending them out to help. Every little bit will help, as many military families are rely on these coupons for their everyday living expenses.


The guidelines are pretty simple; you can use both expired(within 90 days) and active coupons for any goods from a manufacturer. No store coupons like Walgreens, Walmart or Kroger. The priority is to send coupons pertaining to food supplies but any common house hold goods will help as well. Be sure the coupons are “manufacturer coupons” and they can be from any source. Coupons that don’t qualify are vouchers, food stamps, store or restaurant coupons, and anything printed from the internet. All other coupons are accepted!

The organization we are supporting is who is a hub for great deals, and now wants to give back even more! You can find more information on the drive on their site as well. We think this to be a great opportunity to help our troops and hope you will join in!


You can either bring them to our office at:

Cornerstone Hearing Centers Inc.
25521 East Smoky Hill Road
Suite 220
Aurora CO 80016
(303) 400-2988

Or Mail them off yourself to:

Active Coupons to:
attn: Active Coupons for Troops
PO BOX 231
Whiting, IN 46394-0231

Expired Coupons to:
attn: Expired Coupons for Troops
PO BOX 430
Whiting, IN 46394-0430


Faith Baptist Church, Parker, CO

Karen is the DIrectior of Women's Ministry

Donations to Docotors Without Border

Hear us on 1600 The Zone - Sportsman of Colorado